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Reading Language Arts

Under heading Esperanza Rising Chapter 3 Part 1
Under heading Esperanza Rising Chapter 3 Part 2
Figs Chapter 4 Part 1
Figs Chapter 4 Part 2
Esperanza Rising Chapter 5 Guavas Part 1 pp. 58-69
Esperanza Rising Chapter 5 Guavas Part 2 pp. 70-80
Esperanza Rising Chapter 6 Melons Part 1 pp.81-92
Melons Chapter 6 Part 2 pp. 92-99
Esperanza Rising Chapter 7 Onions Part 1 pp. 100-111
Esperanza Rising Chapter 7 Onions Part 2 pp. 111-120
Esperanza Rising Chapter 8 Almonds Part 1 pp. 121-131
Esperanza Rising Chapter 8 Almonds Part 2 pp.131-138
Esperanza Rising Chapter 9 Plums Part 1 pp. 139-149
Esperanza Rising Chapter 9 Plums Part 2 pp. 150-157
Chapter 10 Potatoes Part 2
Chapter 10 Potatoes Part 2
Esperanza Rising Chapter 11 Avocados Part 1
Esperanza Rising Chapter 11 Avocados Part 2
Esperanza Rising Chapter 12-Asparagus
Esperanza Rising Chapter 12 Asparagus part2
chapter 13 part 1
chapter 13 part 2

Esperanza Chapter 14 Part 1

Esperanza Rising Chapter 14 Part 2

Fiction for Kids - Folktales
Student Dictionary

Country Holiday Research
Human Rights vocabulary

AR Test Link

AR Test Link


Immigration from Mexico

The Great Depression

Camp Kern Learning Games

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Mr. fifth-grade-language-arts 5th vocabulary games

internet 4 fifth grade

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Student Survey

State Practice Testing Website

Woodland Indian websites
Native_american_iroquois.php Be sure to take the quiz after reading it.
U.S. Region website


Design a postcard

Howler Monkeys Video
Howler Monkey web page
Light Pollution Research
light pollution research picture
Literature Reading Site
Point of View activity

a page of a field journal

field journal example 2


Martin Luther King Quotes

Social Studies links

Economics Vocabulary

Timeline Research
Interactive Time lines

Native American Cultural Groups (basic info)


Find out more info on your Native American culture by playing this game:

Eastern Woodlands Indians:

Great Plains

Southeastern Indians
Native American Review Kahoot
Native American Quizlet
Hopi Research page #1
Hopi Research page #2
Plains Indians Buffalo Website
Elevation/Landform Map
Climate Data for United States
map of the rain forests of the world

map of the Western Hemisphere

Mexico: Government and Revolution Links
Portrait of Porfirio Diaz:
Images of Mexico during the Carranza revolution against Huerta’s government
El Presidente Alvara Obregon
Rebel Soldiers, Chihuahua, Mexico 1910-1920s:
Diego Rivera, The Uprising- mural showing historical class struggles in Mexico:

Mexico: Neighbor to the North Links

General images from Library of Congress:
U.S. and Mexico state line (1915) Getty Research Library

Mexico: Rich vs. Poor

Diego Rivera, The Exploiters- shows unequal relationship between Mexican field workers and wealthy landowners:

Physical maps

U.S. Region website

Types of Maps Websites Physical You will be researching the physical features of North America in order to eventually complete your own physical map of North America.
Political Map and Physical Map of North America
Physical Maps of North America
Physical Map of North America enlarged shaded relief map
Interactive Physical Map of the United States
Use this map to answer the worksheet questions you receive in class.

Reading/Language Learning Games/Activities

Literature Reading Site
Going to work with commas
Save the Comma
Political Map of the World
Map of North America and South America
Doing field research in the rainforest:
Anna and Marco measuring trees’ growth in the Atlantic rainforest:
Rainforest conservation volunteer opportunities:
New way to help farmers deal with climate change:
The rainforest:
Goat Cove in the Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada:
Lines of Reference Vocabulary Quizlet

Inca Websites

Mr. Don Incas
Incas History
Aztec Maya Inca

Aztec Websites

Maya Websites

Maya Vocabulary Quizlet
Early Peoples
Early People vocabulary

Climate and Latitude online resource
Latitude Longitude Powerpoint
Latitude/Longitude Activity
Political Map of North America
Continents and Oceans

Country Holiday Research
Human Rights vocabulary


Poetry Rhyming

Color Poems

history of Casey at the Bat poem
Casey at the Bat reading
Casey at Bat video
Homophone Activities 1
Homophone Activities 2
Idiom list
hyperbole examples
Figurative Language Practice
Antonyms and Synonym Practice 1
Antonyms and Synonym Practice2
Antonyms and Synonym Practice3
Poems with similes and metaphors
Poems with alliteration
poems with hyperbole
personification poems
fact/opinion activities Practice for on-line reading test
Station 2 Cause/Effect Practice
Station 3 Bullying Infographic
Because of Winn-Dixie
Catarina Speaks
Point of View PowerPoint
Identifying Theme You Tube Video #1
Identifying Theme You Tube Video #2
Identifying Theme You Tube Video #3
Aesop's Fables
Correlative Conjunctions Quiz
Correlative Conjunctions
Three Little Pigs
Plot Diagram

Social Studies links

Does not count against no Tech Week!

Timeline Research

Economics Vocabulary

Specialization Videos

Agriculture Specialization

Benefits of Specialization/Division of Labor

Economics Quia Quiz #1
Economics activity #2
End of the Year Study Terms
Khoot SS review
Economics Powerpoint

Hopi Research page #1
Hopi Research page #2
Plains Indians Buffalo Website
Picture of Plains Indians
The Cheyenne

slides 1
Region Interesting Facts
Cultural Activity 1
Cultural Activity 2
Regions Activity
Elevation Profile Mapping Activity
Create an Advertisement
Native American Indian Links
Aztec Video #1
Aztec Video #2
Aztec Video #3
Continents and Oceans
Maya videos

Country Holiday Research

Newest links

Ice Age Description
Ice Age Kids Konnect
Description of Agriculture

Text Structures/Features

Text Structures Activity
Text Structures Quia Quiz
text structure jeopardy game
Text Features

AR Test Link

AR Test Link

RTI Activities

Storyworks Login

Figurative Language 1
Figurative Language 2
Figurative Language 3
Figurative Language 4
Multiple Meaning Word Activity
Kansas Fire Fighting
Summarizing Activity
Main Idea Activity 2
Main Idea Practice 1
The Three Wishes
A New Home on the Praire
Ellis Island Virtual Tour
Cinderella Story Elements
Two Brothers From Italy story
Word of the Day
Copying Word Girl
Motivation of Character
Lava Character Motivation video
Jen is Gone story
The Camping Trip
Setting Practice
Character, Setting, Plot Matching
Monster in the Barn

Sources for School Uniform persuasive essay

Testing Link(s)

Ohio State Test Resources


hidden Websites

RTI Activities

1. Punctuation Games

2. Cause/Effect Games

Climate Activity


old links

Cause/effect #1

Cause/effect #2

Cause/effect #3

Sequencing activity #2

Sequencing activity #1

Sequencing activity #2


Latitude and longitude practice

Word Root Meanings

More RTI

Adjective game

Spelling game


Text Connections Activity

Chronological Order Activity



  1. Countries of North America
  2. Physical map
  3. US Population Density
  4. Elevation and relief maps
  5. Road Map
  6. Climate Map
  7. US Regions Map
  8. Political Example Map
  9. Texas Climate Zones Map

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Adjective Websites


Adjectives (Manchester)

Raptor Description Activity